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The Cross

Since the last issue of OUR TIME, your Editor has learned the following friends and co-workers have passed away:

Carol Near, wife of former Air Traffic Controller Gary Near passed away April 1, 2012.


Jerry Wieber, 75, former long time King Salmon AF ET, He passed away
December 27th. He retired with more than 50 years of Federal service.

Phyllis Casey,
66, former Secretary in the Legal Office died in April.Phyllis Casey, 66, former Secretary in the Legal Office died in April.Phyllis Casey, 66, former Secretary in the Legal Office died in April.

Charles (Chuck) Criswell, 74, former ATD Specialist passed away April 28, 2013 in nearby Ooltewah, TN.

Al Bruck, 88, former Airways Facilities Division Manager, passed away June 28, 2013.

Don Christensen, former Flight Inspection Pilot passed away June 20, 2013. Services were held at the Fort Richardson cemetery June 28th.

Maria Elisa (Mia) Bassler, 87, wife of former Air Traffic Manager and Division Specialist, John Bassler - passed away August 15, 2013 at her home in Anchorage, Alaska after a brief bout with cancer. She was born February 6, 1926 in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

Fred Campbell, 80, former Regional Office Logistics Specialist passed away September 24, 2014 of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at the Mount Joseph Senior Village in Concordia, Kansas. He is survived by his wife Patience who worked in the Accounting Division. Both Fred and Patience returned to the Soldotna area every summer.

Henry Dodd, 92, former Air Traffic Division Branch Manager, passed away October 26, 2014.
Ross May, 81, former AF electronic technician at King Salmon, AK in the mid 60s died July 2014 in Clovis, CA.

Walter Parker, 87, former Anchorage ARTCC specialist (1946-1971) died June 26, 2014. After retiring, Parker, played multiple roles in the assessment and development of resources and infrastructure in Alaska.

Dr. Robert William Rigg, Sr., 83 Former Alaskan Region Flight Surgeon, passed away on August 23, 2014 at his home in Colorado.

Arthur August Schwankl, 91, former Logistics Division Manager, passed away at his home in
Anchorage, Alaska, on Nov. 4, 2014.

Herbert H. Stanley, 96, former Alaskan Region Air Traffic Division Manager, passed away October 27, 2014 at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. A Celebration of Life will be held in the summer of 2015 in Soldotna. Herb was a veteran of WWII, serving in the Army Air Corps. He moved to Anchorage in 1946. He was employed for 32 years by the FAA. From 1960 to 1965 the FAA sent him to Egypt to help the Egyptian Government establish their Air Traffic Control system. He retired in 1973 as Chief of Air Traffic Control of the Pacific Region. Upon retirement he settled in Mesa, Arizona for 37 years before moving back to Soldotna, Alaska in 2010.

{On a personal note, Herb was a great friend to Dottye and I. He was also my boss and mentor. He nurtured a culture within the Air Traffic Organization that honored loyalty, honesty, hard work and above all a sense of Family. For those who served with him, it goes on to this very day. He will be missed. Charlie}

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FAA Regional Administrator Kerry B. Long
Editor, Charlie Muhs