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Hi Charlie & Dottye; Well - of course, Dottye; We hope you and Dottye had a happy Memorial Day!

Did you note the Memorial Day picture on the front page of the Anchorage Daily News titled, ďA Tribute to Two Servicemen?Ē  I donít know if you knew that Janet Lee is the widow of Morris (Pappy) Lee.  I think Pappy only served at Woody Island where Mia and I met the family.  He was an EMT.  He and Janet wer a real fine couple - well liked by everyone!  We hadnít seen Janet for a few years - and are not sure where she now lives.  I know that had a son, Marc or Mark.

The articles on the USS Lexington are sure gripping reading.  Iíd forgotten that Dee Nelson was in that group, and had seen the carrier aflame.  Well I just wanted to mention about the Leeís in case they werenít in your circle of acquaintances.  I checked the last Our Time for their address, but it was not there.

For your information, FIDO retiree Dave Evans should be visiting Anchorage in early June for a short visit.  The Barber Shoppers have their annual joint-solstice meeting with the Fairbanks chapter this year from June 9th - 11th at the Denali Park.  On Saturday evening we traditionally put on a free joint chorus show.  This yearís event will b e at the McKinley Chalet.  Dave Evans will attend.  Dave was a former Director.

I bumped into Al Woodward and Bruno Zamorski and their respective spouse.  Both looked well.

Auf Wiedersehen


FAA Regional Administrator Kerry B. Long